2018 Annual Meeting Coming Soon!!!

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The Kentucky Speleological Survey (KSS) is an organization dedicated to the study of cave and karst resources throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The KSS is affiliated with the Kentucky Geological Survey.

To further these goals the KSS gathers and archives information to be used in the conservation, research, and exploration of caves and karst. Our archives contain cave maps, survey notes, exploration photos, descriptions, GIS files, and many other forms of information. We hope that this information will aid in the discovery, survey, and mapping of caves throughout the state

As an organization, we look to work with individuals and organizations to grow our database, as well as share information with responsible parties. The Kentucky Speleological Survey takes our role in protecting caves and karst very seriously. We only share data via legitimate requests by cavers, landowners, governmental and environmental agencies. Please contact us directly for any requests or fill out the KSS information request form.

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Kentucky's 5000th Known Cave Press Release

Check out what you missed at the annual meeting in September, courtesy of Josh Brewer.

The Race to 5000! - KSS Location Contest

The Kentucky Speleological Survey is announcing a statewide contest for cave locations! We will give points to all members and non-members who provide new or updated cave locations in Kentucky. The Individual winner will win a New Sten Light with charger. The group winner will receive a Survey Set. The contest will go from run from Sept 1, 2017, to the next annual meeting where all winners will be announced (September 2018).


The location contest has the following rules:

1) All new caves will be awarded 1 point.

2) All updated entries from existing/known caves will be awarded ½ point.

3) The contest will be backdated to Sept 1, so all entries from that point forward will be counted. The contest will be cutoff one week before the next annual meeting (September 2018).

4) There will be an award for individuals and groups.

5) The individual with the highest point count will win. Points used by an individual are not available for a group tally.

6) Groups can combine several individuals into a single count.

7) Award total to be no more than $500.

8) Caves reported as part of a KSS sponsored/organized event (such as a survey weekend) are not counted.

9) Data must be reported via the phone app, completed PDF, or through the KSS site, and entered into the KSS database.

10) All cavers (KSS or otherwise) are eligible. 

11) The Contest Committee is not eligible (which consists of Howard Kalnitz, and Josh Brewer).